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Actor Housen Mushema advises aspiring actors on success in the industry (Watch)


Housen Mushema, while in an exclusive interview with MBU, shared his perspective on watching other actors perform in movies. Despite his own acting talents, he sometimes finds himself critiquing others’ performances.

“I can play better than that one,” he admits to thinking at times. This tendency, he confesses, can be a bit of a spoiler, but he tries to maintain an open mind.

He gave an instance during a recent rewatch of “The Karate Kid,” he noticed a continuity error in a training scene where Jackie Chan instructs Jaden Smith to pick up a sweater.

Housen couldn’t help but think he could have directed the scene better.

On his advice to young actors — Housen says he often gets asked by young actors if the film industry pays well.

He however, finds this question frustrating, explaining that acting, like any other profession, rewards dedication and advancement.

If you take acting seriously, it will pay off. In any other job, the more you advance, the more you get paid.

Housen Mushema

Drawing a reference with the health sector, he notes that a nurse and a doctor earn differently based on their roles and experience, and the same principle applies in the film industry.

Housen credits his success to self-branding and sacrifices. He advises young actors to immerse themselves in the industry by following existing shows, participating in auditions, and becoming part of the network.

He also notes the importance of specialisation within the industry, urging actors to focus on specific roles and excel in them.

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