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Actor Housen Mushema discusses challenges of fame and privacy in relationships


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Sanyu TV Series actor Housen Mushema has expressed concerns about the pressure that comes with celebrity relationships, the reason he has struggled to settle.

When someone comes into your life, you have to protect them as well from the media.

Housen Mushema

Housen Mushema says there is a lot of pressure that comes from celebrity relationships especially when the media picks so much interest in them, something he dreads.

People think it’s easy for Actors or creatives to have a normal relationship but it is not easy because you have an image to protect. And when someone comes into your life, you have to protect them as well from the media. You want to keep it as private as you can because you already have enough pressure with the work and you don’t want more pressure.

Housen Mushema during an interview with Mbu

He notes that as a celebrity, it is also hard convincing someone that you are focused on them because they believe you millions of other women who have an interest in you.

“There has to be a limit to your privacy. It doesn’t really need to be out there. So even if I have a million women who see me as someone they would want for a husband, you have to choose one depending on what you really want as a person and it’s hard to convince someone that you like them,” Mushema adds.

Mushema plays Patrick in Sanyu and he notes that he shares Patrcik’s trait of failing at relationships.

“Patrick has never been successful in a relationship and that’s a trait I have also had as a person. Relationships are always hard, I have tried but it’s not easy. You have to study someone while juggling all that with a career and other businesses. It’s too much of a work.”

Watch the full interview below:

YouTube video

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