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Banjo Man clarifies his business success is out of hard work not gifts from Bobi Wine


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Bobi Wine’s follower Henry Ssentamu alias Banjo Man is one of the Ssentamu family members who is most of the time out of the limelight despite giving a shot at music in his earlier life.

The father of six is known to be a successful entrepreneur following some businesses that he has established that are quite thriving in and out of the country.

He no longer focuses so much on music and rarely performs at the big stages.

Having achieved some of his life goals and being financially stable, Banjo Man says that whenever he is not credited for his hard work and the praise gets accorded to Bobi Wine, it disturbs his mind.

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Banjo Man notes he sometimes feels hurt whenever people claim that the property he owns was given to him by Bobi Wine which he claims is usually untrue and false.

He asserts that everything he owns came from his own sweat and hard work.

The untrue thing that I’ve heard people speak about me is that everything I own does not belong to me but Bobi Wine. You know when you’re not given credit for your hard work and sweat, it hurts deep.

We all work to leave a legacy and I find it hard to convince people that I worked hard to own what I own now. Bobi is my elder brother by an age difference of five years.

Banjo Man

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