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Former Miss Uganda, Dorah Mwima embraces role as motherhood advocate, plans to expand family


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Former Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima has embraced her role as the “ambassador of all mothers,” a title she proudly claims due to her passion for motherhood and large families.

Mwima, who is a mother of six—three girls and three boys—expressed her joy and willingness to continue expanding her family.

I love having a big family, which includes giving birth, and I am happy to keep giving birth to as many children as I can.

Dorah Mwima

She says that while many women dread labor and may hesitate to experience it more than once, she does not share this concern. She acknowledged the common fear of labor pain but emphasized that there are ways to manage and ease the birthing process.

As the ambassador of mothers, I want ladies to know that there are tactics one can use to have a smooth birth.

Dorah Mwima

She also addressed the concern that many women have about their bodies changing post-pregnancy. Mwima respects the decisions of women who choose not to have children but is committed to supporting those who are pregnant.

“I am the ambassador of ladies in labor. I know it is not easy and it is very scary, but there are tactics to use to make everything smooth. I have given birth to six children and will be glad to expand my family,” she says.

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