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Geosteady’s baby mama Prima Kardashi reacts to his newborn baby with Hindu Kay


Prima Kardashi has laughed off the news that his ex and baby daddy, Geosteady, welcomed a baby with his current girlfriend, Hindu Kay.

Prima and Geosteady’s relationship, which spanned over eight years, ended after numerous attempts to salvage their marriage. The couple shares two children.

Prima’s remarks came after Geosteady announced the birth of his child via an Instagram post.

In response to the news, Prima expressed a mix of amusement and relief. She admitted to laughing at the announcement, remarking on her ex-partner’s history of “cheating.”

According to Prima, Geosteady frequently cheated on her, with one incident resulting in a pregnancy with one of his video vixens.

Following their separation, Geosteady began a relationship with a woman who had worked for them.

I heard that Geosteady is the new father in town. Let’s wait and see how far the journey goes. I am glad it is not me. The other person is also going to taste the other side of him. I know better, and I don’t wish any other lady to be where I was.

Prima Kardashi

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