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Gravity Omutujju defends ‘Doozi’ video, dismisses medical criticism


Gravity Omutujju has responded to the backlash from medical professionals regarding his new video song, “Doozi,” featuring Shakira Shakiraa.

This controversy began when Gravity shared a snippet of the music video, in which he’s seen using medical stuff such as lab coats and other medical equipment.

The video then sparked reactions due to what many termed as sexualized content.

A group of doctors held a press conference yesterday urging Gravity Omutujju to delete the video. They threatened to petition the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to ban it if changes were not made, claiming that the video’s portrayal tarnishes the medical profession’s image.

According to the doctors, the video’s content misrepresents how medical practitioners behave, potentially leading the public to form inaccurate and damaging perceptions.

Gravity Omutujju dismissed the doctors’ concerns, suggesting they “take a chill pill.” He argued that music often involves dance and drama, allowing for creative ideas.

In his view, the video does not degrade the medical field but rather promotes it by engaging the public. He even suggested that the video might make people less worried about medical procedures.

Gravity remains confident that the UCC will not ban his song. He cited other Ugandan music videos with similar themes, like Radio & Weasel’s “Kyuma” featuring Spice Diana, and An-known’s “Nkuweki,” questioning why there wasn’t a similar outcry against those works.

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