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How Cindy Sanyu’s muscle pull affected the third set at the Blu*3 Reunion Concert


On 22nd June 2024, the Blu*3 Reunion Concert happened at the Sheraton Kampala Gardens. The concert attracted huge crowds with music enthusiasts, and celebrities, among other public figures turning up to relive the golden hit songs from arguably the best all-girl trio in Ugandan music.

Most things; from the stage setup, lighting, performances, and sound, among other things went according to plan and left precious memories not only for the revelers but also for the Blu*3 trio.

Unfortunately, however, there were a few mishaps.

Jackie Chandiru reveals that while getting on the stage for the third set, Cindy Sanyu got a muscle pull and she had to stay behind for a few minutes.

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Chandiru and Lilian Mbabazi had to fill in the void before Cindy joined them later on to keep the show running.

Jackie Chandiru is grateful that despite a few other shortcomings, they managed to deliver what was expected of them and it was a very memorable night.

It went well but like you know, nothing can ever be so perfect. At the front stage, it always seemed perfect but backstage a lot that was happening.

On the third set, if you remember well, it’s Lilian (Mbabazi) and I came out first because Cindy (Sanyu) had fallen. She got a muscle pull while climbing the stairs and it took some time but nobody got to know that. The fact that we were able to deliver despite everything is what is important.

Jackie Chandiru

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