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Iryn Namubiru praises D Star’s unique vocal style in hit song ‘Hoozambe’ (Watch)


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Iryn Namubiru expressed her admiration for the innovative vocal techniques used in D Star’s latest hit, “Hoozambe.”

Namubiru says not everyone can master the unique vocal style employed by D Star in the song and even went ahead to try and mimic it.

The vocals in D Star’s ‘Hoozambe’ song are truly distinctive. It’s not something just anyone can pull off.

Iryn Namubiru

She believes that music is a form of art where every artist can create concepts that suit their unique style and audience. “Music is art, and everyone can come up with a concept that works for them,” she noted.

Namubiru speculated that D Star might have drawn inspiration for his vocal style from the iconic “Madi Madi Cry” by Papa San, a track that also had the rhyming with a crying-like voice.

This technique, she suggests, could have influenced D Star’s approach in “Hoozambe.”

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