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Kasuku Wazabanga’s criticism of Blu*3 Reunion sparks backlash from Jackie Chandiru (Watch)


The recently concluded Blu*3 Reunion concert at the Sheraton Hotel was a night filled with nostalgia, music, and unity. However, amidst the joy of reuniting, there was a bit of criticism from music critic and analyst, Kasuku Wazabanga.

In an interview, Kasuku expressed doubts about the trio’s ability to restore their former glory, saying that their paths and talents are on different levels now.

Jackie Chandiru, a former member of Blu*3, voiced her disappointment at Kasuku’s remarks, feeling that his comments lacked support and respect, especially towards women in the industry.

She suggested that Kasuku could’ve just kept quiet on issues concerning their concert however much he feeds on being controversial and “sarcastic.”

Jackie says she felt pissed at all the demeaning and degrading comments made by Kasuku because they poured all their efforts into something special — Blu*3 Reunion.

I thought Kasuku was a friend in the industry, but friends don’t say such disrespectful words about each other. The comments were so degrading, making me think of what other people think of women in the industry. He would’ve done better.

Jackie Chandiru

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