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Martha Kay admits she’s not mature enough for marriage, citing challenging relationship talks


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Renowned public figure and seasoned media personality Martha Kay has revealed that she is not mature enough to be in a serious marriage.

Martha Kay opened up about her unreadiness to be in a serious marriage following a relationship and marriage talk clip that she crossed paths with where a gentleman disclosed the uncomfortable conversations he shares with his wife when he faces challenging times and temptations in life.

In the clip, the gentleman revealed that when he gets tempted by other ladies while at work or on his journey to his workplace, he shares with his wife, a thing that he believes most lovers should adopt and embrace.

He went ahead to applaud his wife for creating an amicable environment for him to always share his struggles without judging him something that has kept their marriage flourishing.

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Martha Kay felt she is not ready for marriage citing that she can’t handle such relationship discussions in her life.

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