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New Vision faces criticism for unprofessional journalism in reporting on Phiona Nyamutoro’s alleged relationship with Eddy Kenzo


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Phiona Nyamutoro has publicly criticized the New Vision, for what she described as unprofessional journalism. The criticism was in response to a story published by the newspaper about her relationship with Eddy Kenzo.

The couple formalized their relationship just a few days ago in a private Kukyala, becoming a frequent subject in the headlines over the past several months.

Last week during an interview, Eddy Kenzo mentioned that he has known Phiona Nyamutoro since she was 26 years old.

The New Vision article suggested that Eddy Kenzo, who was formally in a relationship with Rema, had been secretly involved with Nyamutoro. This implication did not sit well with Nyamutoro.

Taking to the social media platform X, Nyamutoro addressed the issue. She called out New Vision’s CEO, Don Wanyama, expressing her disappointment with the newspaper’s behavior.

Nyamutoro emphasized that it was inappropriate for a national newspaper to operate like a blog, urging the publication to uphold higher journalistic standards.

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