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Producer Didi seeks financial support for treatment following HIV-related health struggles (Watch)


Producer Didi has been battling HIV related health issues for a considerable time, and new reports suggest his condition has deteriorated.

In a heartfelt plea, he has reached out to the public, seeking assistance in any form possible.

Producer Didi revealed that his medical bills have skyrocketed, placing him at risk of being discharged from the hospital—a move that could jeopardize his life.

His health struggles initially came to light when he disclosed that he was suffering from ulcers. At that time, he appealed to the musicians he had worked with for help with medication and food. While some responded to his call, others did not take his illness seriously.

Last month, Didi’s health took another turn for the worse, prompting his close friends to rush him to the hospital. Despite having undergone an HIV test a few months earlier, they decided to test him again. Sadly, the results confirmed that Didi is HIV positive.

Although a few artists and producers have pooled resources to support his medical needs, Didi’s condition requires ongoing treatment that they can no longer afford.

He has been on bed rest for several weeks, but his accumulating medical bills have become a burden.

Producer Didi has now come out to ask Ugandans to come to his aid. He needs financial support to continue his treatment and hopes to regain his health.

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