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Producer Yaled urges UCC to ban explicit music, highlights challenges faced by artists


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Singer, Producer, and Songwriter Kaluya Yaled a.k.a Producer Yaled wants the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to ban songs that contain explicit lyrics.

He has called out UCC to swing into action, intensify, and make tough rules barring artists from recording music that contains seemingly explicit lyrics.

Producer Yaled says he plans to visit UCC bosses next week for a meeting on how best artists can improve the quality of the music.

He has urged Lil Pazo to apologize to the public for his trending song saying it is not suitable for public consumption.

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I am on the move to fight vulgarity in the music industry. I’m hunting for all artists who do demeaning music. I don’t produce music for such artists. What upsets me is for someone who doesn’t know how to sing to get on the mic and instead drop vulgar lyrics.

Lil Pazo should apologize because soon I’m going to UCC. I made a phone call to UCC and I will be going there physically next week.

Producer Yaled

He also highlighted a few challenges he has faced since he disclosed that he is now a fully established artist.

Demanding for payments after performing is hard because some promoters hide with our cash after payment. But that is the hustle though I don’t regret choosing the job I am doing.

Producer Yaled

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