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Ruth Ngendo reveals struggles with depression and mental torment under old management


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Singer Ruth Ngendo opened up about going through a troublesome moment when she was still signed to her old management that she quit a few months ago.

She explained that she decided to call off her working relationship with the management because so many things were not going as expected.

Ruth Ngendo narrated how she underwent depression and almost lost her life because of the mental torture that she was facing although only very few people got to know about it.

She noted that she would always get embarrassed and abused by her boss who was out of the country and at a certain moment she felt stupid and lost self-esteem due to the constant embarrassment and insults she faced.

I took a break from management for now because my working relationship with them didn’t go on smoothly. While under the management I went through depression and felt like I had to leave because I nearly lost my life. This was all due to psychological torture. I was tortured mentally because I worked with someone who was always demotivating me and while sometimes when I would be on set, he would insult me yet he wasn’t even around.

He made me feel stupid. I reached a point when I believed I was stupid, dumb, and not understanding because it was a lot I was going through. I lost my self-esteem and contemplated ending my life.

Ruth Ngendo

Ever since she quit the management, her lifestyle changed and her self-belief improved as she no longer faces the abuses and mental torture that she always faced.

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