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The medical association seeks to ban Gravity’s video due to misrepresentation of medical profession


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President of Uganda Medical Association (UMA) Herbert Luswata has called out local rapper Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravity Omutujju for abusing and misrepresenting the medics outfit in his new music video featuring Shakira Shakiraa.

Speaking to the press, Dr. Luswata expressed his dismay with Gravity Omutujju and Shakira Shakiraa’s new video “Doozi” saying it paints an ugly image of the doctor’s profession.

He noted that he is working with the medics chairman of ethics and professionalism to draft a letter requesting the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to ban the song on moral grounds.

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Dr. Luswata went ahead to state that the way Gravity acted like he was examining Shakira Shakiraa while bending down is a disgrace to the profession which makes the public think that is how doctors act while in their examination rooms with women.

There pictures of musicians which are circulating on social media which are not looking good at all whereby one of the musician holds a syringe look-alike while a woman is bending down in a way which is very uncomfortable and musician is putting on a clinical coat and he is portraying he is examining a woman who is bending down against him. It look ugly against us.

As a profession, we feel like our profession and practice is being abused. It is as if these people are trying to portray that this is what we do to people’s women when they come to our examination rooms which is not good at all.

Our chairman of ethics and professionalism Dr. Kaweru is working on a letter that we are going to send to UCC to ban the song on moral grounds. We are sorry to the musicians.

Dr. Herbert Luswata

Gravity has become the first artist to be called out by the medics association for abusing their outfit. The Catholic Church has also called out Dr. Hilderman and Fresh Kid before for using their attires without seeking permission.

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