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Vyper Ranking: Bubble gum music does not harm the industry because it is short-lived


Dancehall singer Vyper Ranking, the self-styled Riddim Killa, is of the view that bubble gum music does not affect the music industry since it is always short-lived compared to music that is impactful to society.

He explains that based on its limited life span on the showbiz scene, a musician who sings bubble gum music can’t last long while topping the charts unless he/she is very creative and can’t run out of words.

He adds that no artist with bubble gum music can be guaranteed that they can be in the limelight for the next 15 years and hence emphasizes the importance of artists always minding their lyrics, production, and the audience that they serve.

While recording a song, I mind a lot about my lyrics, production, my fans, and audience before a release a new song. Bubble gum music doesnot harm the music industry because its time is very limited simply because the person singing it has the guarantee that he or she would be here in the next 15 years.

Vyper Ranking

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He further bragged how he already secured his position on the Ugandan dancehall music scene adding that he is confident that he will be here forever.

I believe I am going to be here forever and that is why I am recognized since I positioned myself and I’m certain I’ve secured my spot in the music industry. When You talk of dancehall, you can’t go without mentioning my name in the local industry.

Vyper Ranking

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