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Zari Hassan denies rumors of unpaid bar bills, clarifies clamping of her car


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Celebrated SA-based Ugandan socialite and influencer Zari Hassan has denied claims about her car having been clamped after she failed to pay bar bills.

Social media on Saturday morning was littered with rumors indicating how Zari Hassan’s car, a Mercedez GLE, had been clamped at a new hangout in Kampala.

The rumors claimed the bar clamped Zari’s car after the Young, Famous, and African reality show cast member had failed to foot bills after a night out at the bar.

Zari, via Snapchat, however, refutes the rumors. She admits that her car was clamped but it was not for the rumored reasons.

The mother of five reveals that her ride had battery issues and it was parked at the hangout’s parking area awaiting her husband Shakib Cham to fix it in the morning but the car was clamped for parking in front of the gate of the bar.

Zari scoffed at those spreading the rumors about her car being clamped due to unsettled bar bills and questioned how she can fail to settle bar bills yet her businesses are up and running smoothly.

When you nolonger have dirt on person you starting making up stories to sasty and fill your empty souls. Car had battery issues hence leaving it at the spot. My husband had to get new battery to move it in the morning.. clamping was due to parking right in front of gate which restricted access.

Eyagwamu sente za business class azijjawa every weekend. Your stories don’t even add up. Yes obutala bwakendela coz I can’t be doing the same things I did 10 years ago.

At some point a person grows and prioritizes certain things…clout doesn’t look good on me as an international & successful buiness woman not a socialite who needs to be doing things for clout in the name mbu I trend… priorities darlings!

Zari Hassan

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