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10 Ugandan celebrities with stunning legs that steal the show


The Ugandan entertainment is filled with numerous beautiful ladies who will always steal the spotlight in every room they enter.

These 10 celebrities stand out not only for their beauty but also for their cute legs;

1. Zari Hassan

A business lady, socialite, reality TV star, and a great fan of showbiz. She is not only known for her boss lady style and confidence but also for her stunning legs that always steal the spotlight.

2. Spice Diana

This talented artist and performer rocks every outfit with her toned legs and great fashion sense.

3. Miss Deedan

A celebrated media personality not only entertains audiences on and off the stage but also serves beautiful light-skinned legs.

4. Prima Kardashi

Famed socialite, influencer, and mother of two was also blessed with legs for days. Her bubbly character makes her a true fashion star as flashed on her Instagram as a fan of skimpy outfits.

5. Sheebah Karungi

The Queen Karma of the dance floor has amazing powerful legs that match her electric performances perfectly.


6. Pia Pounds

The Tupaate singer not only has a beautiful body but also stunning legs to compliment it and command attention, especially in the kind of outfits she chooses to wear regularly.

7. Anitah Fabiola

A true fashionista, her light-skinned and glowy legs are always on point, complementing her style and curvaceous body.

8. Tashi Hubby

With a unique sense of fashion and legs that go on forever, Tashi Hubby, a presenter at BBS Terefayina, cannot miss out on this list.

9. Dianah Nabatanzi

Known for her elegance and calm personality, Dianah Nabatanzi’s legs add an extra touch of glamour to her personality.

10. Florence Nampijja

Rounding up the list is Florence Nampijja, a well-known media personality and actor under Aromatic Entertainment. Her confidence and beauty shine through, especially in her brown legs.

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