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Aganaga proposes musical battle with Fik Gaza to settle differences


“Let’s go musical, let’s fight musically,” is Kalifah Aganaga’s message to his nemesis Fik Gaza, real name Shafik Jjingo, following their brief altercation last week.

A video that made rounds on social media last week showed King Zali, a member of Fik Gaza’s team slapping him in the presence of the Gaza Empire boss.

This has been followed by a war of words with both sides attacking each other on different interviews that they have conducted since.

It has also caused a divide between their respective fans with each backing their artist.

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To settle their differences, Kalifah Aganaga wants to hold a musical battle against Fik Gaza. The Bad Character Records boss believes the physical altercations with Fik Gaza’s team will only lead to bloodshed.

He suggests that the best way to settle their differences is by organizing a musical battle in which the loser will accord more respect to the winner.

Aganaga also advised Fik Gaza to be smarter next time they meet and not get physical because it only damages his brand, making him merely a trending artist without a proper legacy.

That little altercation has only damaged his reputation. For me, it has actually added so much promotion. He should be smarter than that. If they want to settle this, let them organize a battle, pick the venue, and dates, and call me so that we settle this musically.

Kalifah Aganaga

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