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Assault victim Evelyn Mic takes legal action against Alien Skin


Evelyn Mic has bravely stepped forward to share her ordeal after being assaulted by singer Alien Skin during the Galaxy Zzina Carnival at Forest Park Buloba on May 5th, 2024.

In her statement posted on X, she described the incident as a violent attack near the stage, involving humiliation and physical assault.

Evelyn mentions that she feels mentally and emotionally abused, manipulated, and disrespected.

Her decision to speak out isn’t just for herself but also for others who may have faced similar harassment within the entertainment industry.

Taking action, Evelyn reported the assault to Buloba Police station and initiated a criminal case against Alien Skin, documented under SD REF: 02/06/05/2024.

Additionally, she has enlisted the support of legal representation from Katende Ssempebwa & Co. Advocates to ensure that justice prevails in her case.

*Statement on my Assault by Alien Skin*

Friends, on Sunday the 5th of May 2024 while officiating as an MC at the Galaxy FM Zzina , I was violently slapped, humiliated and assaulted near stage by singer Alien Skin at the Galaxy Zzina Carnival at Forest Park Buloba

I feel…

— Evelyn M!C (@EvelynMic_) May 8, 2024

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