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Ava Peace’s dream of working with Jeff Kiwa comes true after seven years


Manager Jeff Kiwa is a name that’s synonymous with success. With a track record of managing artists who have gone on to make big names for themselves, such as Sheebah, Goodlyfe Crew, Grenade, and Pallaso, it’s no wonder that aspiring artists dream of working with him.

Ava Peace whose journey from approaching Jeff Kiwa in her senior five to finally being managed by him is nothing short of inspiring.

She first approached Jeff Kiwa while she was still in senior five, expressing her desire to work with him. However, at that time, Jeff Kiwa advised her to focus on her education and urged her to go back to school.

Although disappointed, Ava Peace took his advice to heart and continued her studies, determined to make her dreams come true. Fast forward seven years later, Ava Peace had completed her education and graduated last year.

With her education behind her, she got the courage to approach Jeff Kiwa once again. This time, she shared with him that she had followed his advice and was now ready to pursue her music career under his guidance. To her delight, Jeff Kiwa recognized her dedication and talent, and he took her under his wing as her manager.

For Ava Peace, working with Manager Jeff Kiwa is truly a dream come true. She had always admired his work and the success he had brought to his artists. Now, she has the opportunity to learn from him, grow as an artist, and make her mark in the music industry.

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