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Bebe Cool encourages support for unique sound of artists like Joshua Baraka, announces new AfroBeat album


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Celebrated Ugandan Ragga, Dancehall, and Reggae artist Bebe Cool urges fans to support all types of music but to give and more push to artists like Joshua Baraka who have unique sound.

There is still an ongoing debate amongst local music enthusiasts about the quality of Ugandan music and the rise in songs termed as “vulgar.”

Some critics have urged music consumers and promoters to boycott music with vulgar lyrics and videos but Bebe Cool thinks that is not the right thing to do.

The Gagamel singer notes that all music is good music because it provides you with choices and preferences to pick from and different artists also get to earn money from it.

He, however, asks music fans to give a keener ear and more support to fresh artists with unique sounds like Joshua Baraka.

Every music is good. I hear many people describing some songs as bad but it’s okay. It teaches you to make the right choice and it’s not wrong for you to support those songs because those young brothers and sisters are getting some money and their lives are getting better but it is also important that you support the artists who are sounding like they are up there…the likes of Joshua Baraka, you should support those boys because that’s the direction.

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool also revealed that he is set to release a new AfroBeat album dubbed “Break The Chains” and it is a step towards a new direction for Ugandan music.

“I am soon releasing my new album dubbed “Break The Chains.” Uganda has done a very good job in music but there is something that is not working out so we need to change the formula. My new album Break The Chains means we need to think out of the box. Whatever you think is hard for a Ugandan to do, we will do so, and we will break those chains,” Bebe Cool added.

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