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Biggie Events declares self president of promoters in Uganda


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Mariam Mutakubwa, publicly known as Biggie Events, came out to claim that she is currently the president of Ugandan Promoters under their umbrella, the Uganda National Promoters Federation.

While speaking to the press, she trashed the works of her former presidents saying they have added no significant impact to promoters across the country for the time they have been in office.

She reasoned that she is very capable and reliable to assume office because she is trustworthy and has the qualities of an experienced leader and the desired skills to run the office.

She adds that other promoters are not like her, which is why she feels stronger to take them on the leadership seat.

I am the president of promoters in Uganda. I know people are going to believe in me because I have leadership skills and I know all will be well. Those who call themselves presidents haven’t done anything. I think it is my time to take over and I know fellow promoters are going to support me.

Biggie Events

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Her claim to take over the leadership of promoters in Uganda is due to the confusion and unclear roles that her fellow promoters assumed without executing any job.

The UNPF started facing challenges when Abtex was demoted from the presidential role and Balaam Barugahara assumed office and later became a Minister for Youth and Children Affairs.

In the meantime, Promoter Juma Balunywa who is acting as the interim president is reported to have shown interest in politics and this sparked Biggie Events to come out and claim she is fit to take over the position of promoter’s presidency.

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