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Blu*3’s Interview With Juliana Kanyomozi Evokes Deep Emotions


The legendary girl group Blu*3; consisting of Jackie Chandiru, Lilian Mbabazi, and Cindy Sanyu, sat down for an emotional conversation with Juliana Kanyomozi on her YouTube channel.

The trio which is in preparation for their reunion concert talked about their early fallout, their fight with addiction, grief, and forgiveness, and their favorite songs.

Cindy Sanyu went deep about what she felt after leaving the group, Lilian talked about her journey with grief and Jackie was candid about her fight with drugs and watching everyone move ahead of her from the sidelines.

The revelation that Jackie wrote some of the Blu 3 hit songs like Hitaji caught many by surprise and she also opened up about her fight with addiction and how it inspired them to set aside their differences, remember who they are, and come together at the same table and talk.

Speaking further, Blu*3 revealed that uniting and being in the same room wasn’t easy. They cried, forgave, fought, but worked out their differences and are now the best of friends.

In this conversation, the ladies fondly talked about what Steve Jean, the foundation of their careers means to them, his brilliance and intensity. They also disclosed that Aly Allibhai, the C.E.O of Talent Africa Group is the future.

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They were candid about how he embraced them with no judgments, and no conditions when they wanted to do a reunion concert together. Cindy Sanyu revealed they have a new song together and shed light on what this new Blu 3 looks like.

Picture a Blu*3 with all the growth that they have gone through. We are going to embody that. You have never seen somebody on stage who has overcome drugs. Grief…all those stories in there. I want you to come and watch that.

Feel the pain, feel the power, as a person, I can’t bring that. But being 3 of us together, that power can only be got on the 22nd.

Cindy Sanyu

YouTube video

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