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Bobi Wine expresses concern for arrested Fik Gaza, urges unity in times of trouble


Ugandan musician and political figure Bobi Wine, fresh from a successful show in London, found himself addressing the recent arrest of Fik Gaza upon his arrival at Entebbe Airport.

Speaking to reporters, Bobi Wine expressed his concern for Gaza’s situation, stating that according to the information he has, Gaza was released from custody the day prior.

In his statement, Wine emphasized the importance of solidarity and collective support in times of trouble. Regardless of political affiliations, he stressed the need for unity, urging people to come together to offer assistance and solidarity to those facing challenges.

The connection between Bobi and Gaza extends beyond this recent incident, with Gaza having voiced his support for Bobi Wine’s political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP).

Bobi probably sees this as a reciprocal obligation, stating that it’s only fitting for him to stand in solidarity with Gaza and work towards ensuring his safe return home. Reports suggest that Gaza will soon be returning to Uganda.

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