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Bobi Wine’s documentary ‘The People’s President’ wins prestigious Peabody Award


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Bobi Wine’s documentary “The People’s President” has once again claimed the spotlight, receiving the prestigious Peabody Award in the Documentary category at their 84th annual awarding ceremony.

Since 1940, the Peabody Awards have been recognizing stories that deeply relate to and shape society.

The Peabody Awards hold a venerable reputation for celebrating narratives that matter, and Bobi Wine’s documentary stands as an example.

Through its storytelling, the documentary offers an urgent portrayal of Bobi Wine, an African artist whose commitment to championing the power of the people confronts the authority of a ruling class.

In their announcement on the X platform, Peabody commended the winners of the Documentary category.

Documentaries are a treasure trove of knowledge, shedding light on real stories and unique insight into different worlds we might not otherwise experience or even be aware of. Join us in celebrating these new #PeabodyWinners in documentary storytelling.

Peabody Awards via X

Congratulations to Bobi Wine and the directors.

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