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Canary Mugume calls out Kasuku for overstepping personal boundaries


News anchor and media figure Canary Mugume called out Kasuku, urging him to refrain from meddling in personal matters, particularly concerning his marriage and family.

This response came under a blog post story on X (formerly Twitter), where Kasuku alleged that Pastor Kayanja of Miracle Center Cathedral had intervened in the “shaky” marriage between Canary and Sasha Ferguson Naggirinya.

Canary wasted no time in addressing Kasuku directly, advising him to steer clear of looking into his private affairs for the sake of seeking attention and views on his vlogs.

Canary added the need for respecting boundaries on social media. “Leave my marriage and son out of your sensationalist vlogs,” Canary wrote.

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Concluding his statement, Canary urged Kasuku to reflect on his actions and consider the impact of his words on others’ lives. “Do it for your own life, not mine,” Canary concluded.

Hey @Kasuku256, leave my marriage & son out of your sensationalist vlogs that you do for likes and views! Do it for your own life, not mine.

— Canary Mugume (@CanaryMugume) June 2, 2024

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