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Chozen Blood emphasizes quality and longevity in music creation (Watch)


Chozen Blood doesn’t release a lot of music and in his defense, he shares that his philosophy revolves around the creation of high-quality music that can stay for a long time.

He says he has chosen to work at his own pace in regard to new music releases. And his approach and strategy are different, so the fans shouldn’t expect him to release music as often as other artists within the industry.

I focus on making good music because I understand that good music will still be listened to even after years.

Chozen Blood

He stated that building concepts, strategizing his creative process, and working within his means are some of the chores of his music career.

He intends to ensure that each piece he releases is a masterpiece in its own right, hence taking his time.

Chozen Blood clarifies that his approach allows him to infuse depth and meaning into his music, giving song examples like Pressure Ya Love, Yitayo Ondabeko, Sharp Shooter and others which according to him, still sound as good as new when played to date.

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