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Cindy Sanyu apologizes and seeks forgiveness for hurting former manager Steve Jean


Singer Cinderella Sanyu Okuyo turned emotional as she pleaded to her former manager and very close friend Steve Jean as she asked for forgiveness for the reckless and hateful words she uttered toward him that sparked their breakup.

Reflecting on her past bond with Steve Jean, the “Boom Party” singer narrated that she owes Steve Jean a big debt that can’t pay back for the brotherly love and treatment he always showed her.

She explained that Steve Jean used to come to her rescue whenever she needed anything in life from food, charcoal, clothing, and all other basic needs.

However, when she lost her cool one day, she burst up and sent a furry of insults and reckless statements toward Steve Jean that she claimed were very mean of her for the help and support that Steve had given her.

With tears coming out of her eyes, Cindy Sanyu revealed that she is sorry for hurting him and added that she misses him for the impact and role he played in her life to become the person she is today.

She adds that she wants Steve Jean to feel proud of himself for nurturing a person like her and pleaded that he should consider her apology and allow them to share a cup of tea because deep inside her she feels hurt for not having him by her side.

During the interview, she held with Juliana Kanyomozi, promised to try to talk to Steve Jean about the matter so that the two could meet and talk it out as Cindy is willing to go to her knees and plead for forgiveness.

Juliana Kanyomozi also disclosed how she sometimes makes Steve Jean get upset but luckily whenever she gives him a phone call he picks up something that she is thankful for.

Cindy Sanyu tears up as she pleads for Steve Jean’s forgiveness.🥲

“I know that I hurt him —I miss him, I want him to be proud of me. — I pray and I hope that he forgives me one day,”

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