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Cissy Nalumansi’s emotional journey writing Sanyu TV drama series on Pearl Magic Prime


As the Sanyu TV drama series on Pearl Magic Prime climaxed, Scriptwriter, Producer, and Director Cissy Nalumansi shared her thrilling journey on the show as a Writer.

In a conversation with MBU, the Mpologoma Media and Jungle Rains Production CEO revealed that during some of the times she penned some episodes of the Sanyu series, she would turn emotional.

On the show that ran for four years with 880 episodes, Cissy Nalumansi felt delighted and honored to be entrusted to write some episodes that she reflected with real-life moments.

She particularly recalls writing Episode 262 of Season Two. She says it was an intense duty and she couldn’t believe what was going on and had to call God for the big role she had been tasked with.

I was honored to write Episode 262 of season 2. It was really intense that even me the writer, I was chilling and the same time I was like God! When Crysto shot Sanyu at the end of the season and Oscar gave this cry like, ‘Me Oh My God!’ This was so real. It was very impactful for me.

Cissy Nalumansi

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“Sometimes when I was writing emotional scenes, I would cry myself. Thank God no one watches me as I write my scripts or my writing process. They would think I am crazy. As I’m writing, I’m in the shoes of the character and tears roll down my chin. Other times when I was writing Nalweyiso and Nasimbidwa, I would burst out alone and laugh,” she added.

Watching Sanyu from being a naive, timid young girl grow with only a dream of becoming a fashion designer in the village of Kayunga into a determined adult to achieve her dreams and beyond was thrilling since it is everyone’s ambition to achieve something in life.

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