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Coco Finger denies rumors of marriage to older woman and return to music


Coco Finger has addressed rumors about his personal life – he debunked speculations claiming that a slightly older woman had married him and funded a fully furnished beach house, which allegedly led to his musical absence.

Coco Finger set the record straight, saying that he is indeed single, with no wife, and not receiving any external support from anyone at the moment but himself.

Despite the break from releasing music, he assured fans that he is still active in the music scene, with upcoming show bookings keeping him in the spotlight.

The artist also expressed his commitment to returning to the studio soon to work on new music for his fans.

At the moment, I have no wife, and I’m single. I don’t get support from anyone, and those spreading rumours about a certain beach house should show it to me, then we discuss further.

Coco Finger

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