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Copyright dispute between Green Daddy and Sizza Man ignites heated debate


Green Daddy has ignited a public feud with singer Sizza Man over copyright claims sparking a heated debate.

The dispute stems from Sizza Man’s decision to have Green Daddy’s song, “Nansanana,” removed from YouTube, citing copyright infringement.

Green Daddy, whose song enjoyed relative success on the online platform, expressed frustration over its sudden removal. He accused Sizza Man of demanding a hefty sum of Shs 10 million for the song to be reinstated, a demand he vehemently refuses to entertain.

Asserting his stance, Green Daddy emphasized the significant investment he has poured into his music career, refusing to succumb to what he perceives as unjust extortion.

Adding fuel to the fire, Green Daddy highlighted Sizza Man’s own alleged infringements, accusing him of plagiarism by copying instrumentals from a Jamaican artist for his own compositions.

This revelation casts doubt on Sizza Man’s moral authority to enforce copyright claims, as Green Daddy contends that none of Sizza Man’s songs are authentic, all allegedly being “copied and pasted” from Jamaican sources.

Uganda has a lot of problems trust me. Imagine Sizza Man struck my song on YouTube claiming copyright infringement. He claims that I copied his video for my Nansanana song. What he doesn’t know is that he also copied and pasted the instrumental from a Jamaican. That’s the same instrumental I also used, it’s not his.

He called my manager asking for Shs10m shillings for the song to be reinstated. He went for ‘kyeyo’ and failed to get money. Now he is bringing his hunger to milk me but he won’t get a single penny.

Green Daddy

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