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Dr. Propa seeks stage comeback after seven-year hiatus


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Struggling singer Dr. Propa has expressed his wish to return to the stage after a seven-year hiatus saying he misses performing before crowds of music lovers.

Speaking in an interview, he extended heartfelt thanks to all the individuals who showed care and concern when he recently came out and disclosed how he was struggling to cope with life following a clip that he shared online that suggested he was sleeping in an incomplete house.

Having gone seven years without actively getting engaged in stage performances despite having new songs like “Winner”, Dr. Propa looks forward to taking a new and different path for his music career to thrive.

He says he wants to focus on releasing music suitable for earning him performances at functions including introductions and wedding ceremonies reasoning that he no longer has money to promote music that he previously used to release.

I’ve spent seven years of hustling and while off the stage and I miss it a lot. Per now, I want to change my trend as I look to focus performing at functions like weddings because I don’t have money to promote the other kind of music.

Dr. Propa

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However, he denied ever asking anyone to give him money as he stressed that he was only yearning to the public to give him another because he reached a moment and felt he had lost hope in everything he was doing.

People have to learn that artists are not imortal. We also get hurt and I’m normal as any other human being. I’m very grateful to all those who showed concern regarding the state that I was in and for not judging me.

I didn’t ask anybody for money, I only requested the public to welcome me again like way back how they used to cheers and to give me hope because I had lost hope and restore my energies because I felt like I was totally down.

Dr. Propa

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