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Emmanuel Lwasa accused of abuse and negligence by ex-wife, denies claims (Watch)


Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has been accused of torture and negligence by the ex-lover, Angel prompting a response from him and calling her a liar.

The couple, who tied the knot in a traditional ceremony in 2022, have since been involved in numerous controversies.

In an interview with YouTuber Kasuku, Angel made several serious accusations against Lwasa. She claimed that during their marriage, Lwasa’s abusive behavior led her miscarriage, citing his lack of responsibility as the cause.

She also accused Lwasa of evicting her from their home and of confiscating her car and a business she was managing in Masaka.

Lwasa quickly refuted Angel’s claims. He labeled her a “serial liar,” saying that none of her statements were true.

According to Lwasa, his children were frustrated with Angel’s inability to stay out of the public eye, which led to her being kicked out of the house.

Regarding the car, Lwasa questioned the logistics of ordering a car bond to tow a vehicle that wasn’t registered in his name. He also clarified that the bar business Angel claimed to own was actually his.

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