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Evelyn Mic’s controversial tweet about Nwagi’s saga provokes mixed reactions online


There is a saying on X (formerly Twitter) that goes; “The moment you get more quoted replies than likes, that tweet has sat!” Well, it seems the case for Galaxy FM and Spark TV presenter Evelyn Mic, real name Evelyn Masika.

Evelyne Mic the controversy magnet

For a while now, Evelyn Mic has used her social media handles to air her opinions on different trending topics within Ugandan entertainment and social circles.

She was widely criticized in January after one of her tweets in which she suggested that presenting women with Ugx 50,000 after a date is woefully inadequate, urging men to elevate their financial gestures.

She has since become a target for several netizens and her most recent tweet has yet again caused her some trouble on Elon Musk’s app.

What is she saying now?

In the wake of local singer Bizzy Nateete’s allegations claiming paternity of Winnie Nwagi’s child, the Galaxy FM presenter ran to her X account and tweeted:

As a woman once you find out that you are pregnant kindly choose a responsible father for your child, now see what Winnie Nwagi is going through in hope she gets over all that no*sense kubba banange.. some bbu men can embarrass ehh.

Evelyn Mic via X

Well, the tweet is sitting!

The internet reacts

Her tweet has since attracted the attention of several netizens some of whom have failed to understand that part; “once you find out that you are pregnant kindly choose a responsible father for your child.”

“Did you just put “once you find out that you are pregnant” and “choose a responsible father for your child” in one sentence?” GauchoBrian asks.

“Is she chasing clout?” Netizens wonder

“I know it’s content creation and engagement naye Evelyn you jazz nonsense most of the time,” OmunyoroKakye tweets, suggesting that Evelyn is only after the clout to feed her verified X account with numbers for revenue.

Below are more reactions via X:

“As a woman once you find out that you are pregnant kindly choose a responsible father for your child “, What exactly does she mean?

— Laloyo ‘The Unknown Poet’ 🇺🇬/🇶🇦 (@MulungiKhloe) April 19, 2024

This is a notification that some women be sleeping with multiple men at ago & choose you just because you’re the caring or financially stable one out of their list – Never take a kid home before you confirm the kid is actually yours via DNA.

— The Charity Guy 🇺🇬 (@roxie_ug) April 19, 2024

Ndowooza mulaba obujulizi nti abakazi abamu basiba abasajja abaana abatali baabwe.
Mukyala Evelyn do you mind sharing how you choose a father after finding out that you’re pregnant?

— Yekoyada (@YekoyadaUG) April 19, 2024

I want to understand this post,

So one has to choose a responsible “father” for their child when they’re already pregnant!! Does that mean you choose randomly the one who looks responsible among all the men you’ve been sleeping with ?💀

— Emmilie (@KevinEmmilie4) April 19, 2024

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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