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Frank Gashumba: No recognition of Sheilah’s boyfriends until marriage


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Sheilah Gashumba’s father Frank Gashumba maintains that he does not recognize any of her boyfriends until one of them takes a bold step to officially pay a visit to their family to hold traditional matrimonial functions.

In recent years, Sheilah Gashumba has flaunted a couple of partners with whom she has publicly displayed affection and shared romantic relationships.

From God’s Plan, the former TV presenter moved on with singer Rickman Manrick and together they have for a couple of years painted social media with their love.

But what does her father say about their relationship?

Well, Frank Gashumba does not exactly approve. While speaking to Sanyuka TV, the Social Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Businessman maintained that the term “boyfriends” is not recognized in his vocabulary.

He stated that the only man he would approve for his daughter is the one that officially visits her family and undertakes the necessary traditional ceremonies leading to marriage.

I am a Rwandan man and I have my own values. I do not believe in that talk of “boyfriends.” I often hear girls talking about boyfriends but that is nonsense!

The only man parents recognize is one who paid a visit to your parents, or that one who held traditional matrimonial functions with you.

Some of us still uphold our culture and traditions. Until you hold a Kukyala, Kwanjula, or Wedding, we don’t know you.

Frank Gashumba

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