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He should bring all his money to me – Irene Ntale acknowledges Lil Pazo’s admiration


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Irene Ntale has finally responded to Lil Pazo’s public cry to give him a chance because he has been crushing on her for a while.

Lil Pazo and Irene Ntale caught the attention of many netizens after Pazo’s public declaration of admiration for Irene Ntale and how much he crushed on everything from her voice to her character.

However, the news reached the right person, and her response was humorous but positive.

In an interview, Irene Ntale urged all her fans to support Lil Pazo’s upcoming “Enkudi Festival” to gauge his sincerity by his actions post-show.

I wish Lil Pazo a successful show. Everyone should come through and support him so that he makes enough money and then brings it all to me.

Irene Ntale

While arguments on social media have been surrounding whether Irene Ntale is Lil Pazo’s type or it’s just one of those famous clout-chasing ideas within the industry, the two artists seem to be in control of the whole situation whilst making sure no one’s feelings are hurt.

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