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John Blaq reveals heated confrontation with music producer in studio


Singer John Blaq, born John Kasadha, recounted a moment when he got involved in a physical altercation with a music producer in the studio.

While appearing on Galaxy FM, the “Kukido” singer was asked to share how he was embarrassed and made to feel worthless by someone.

He revealed a moment during his upcoming stage when a music producer blasted him during a recording session when he told him he couldn’t sing well.

John Blaq lost his cool and grabbed the producer by his collar, ready to trade live punches with him in the studio but fortunately, they were separated by individuals who were close at the moment.

John Blaq explains that the producer’s remarks upset him and he couldn’t keep his cool since most of the time he hit the studio, the producer pretended to be busy and would act in funny ways of wanting to dodge his recording sessions.

However, it was that one time when he opened up about what he felt about his music style and ended up blasting him which resulted in a heated exchange.

Luckily, a few years later, John Blaq emerged as one of the hottest artists on the block as he churned out top-charting hits that established him as a solid name in the Ugandan entertainment showbiz and his life took an immense turn.

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