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Kapilipiti Omubaya claims manager tried to bewitch him


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Ghetto singer Kapilipiti Omubaya has made shocking allegations against one of his managers, claiming that they attempted to bewitch him in order to prevent his rise to stardom.

Kapilipiti Omubaya expressed his frustration, questioning why individuals close to him would hinder his progress rather than support his aspirations to uplift other talented youths from the ghetto.

Despite being immersed in the music industry for five years, Kapilipiti’s journey has been inconsistent and filled with conflicts with various individuals.

Presently, he finds himself embroiled in a dispute with comedian Kabata, seizing the opportunity to leverage the situation to propel his career forward by addressing the issue across multiple media platforms.

When I started my career, the fans didn’t like me and neither did the managers, nor presenters. One of the managers even disclosed that he didn’t like me and wished harm for me.


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