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Karole Kasita reveals the significance of Feffe Bussi’s advice in her music career


Karole Kasita has opened up about the significant role her close friend, Feffe Bussi, plays in her music career.

Kasita revealed that Feffe Bussi’s opinion holds great weight when it comes to deciding whether a song should be released or not.

According to Kasita, if Feffe, whom she affectionately refers to as her “bestie,” advises against releasing a particular song, she respects his judgment and refrains from releasing it.

The nature of Karole and Feffe Bussi’s relationship has been a subject of speculation among fans and the media. While they are often seen together in public, sometimes displaying affection to that of lovers, other times, they present themselves as close friends.

Although Karole Kasita’s former manager, Joram, has denied being the father of her child, neither Kasita nor Feffe Bussi has addressed the rumors. Despite the lack of clarity surrounding their personal relationship, Kasita emphasized that Feffe Bussi plays a pivotal role in her professional life.

Interestingly, Karole Kasita disclosed that she currently operates without a formal management team. Instead, she relies solely on Feffe Bussi for guidance and support in her career endeavors. Every project she undertakes, whether it be a new song or a music video, undergoes Feffe Bussi’s scrutiny before its release.

I don’t have management at the moment and the only person that helps me is Feffe Bussi. His opinion and ideas about the music I release matter a lot. I can’t just release music when he hasn’t approved it because I now have no management.

Karole Kasita

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