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Kojja Kimbowa celebrates birthday with a chopper ride, plans to own one


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Over the weekend, traditional healer and libido expert Kojja Kimbowa celebrated his 39th birthday in a very lavish style that sparked mixed reactions among his followers.

This is after he hired a chopper to transport him to the venue he had booked to mark his birthday with some of the colleagues he had invited to be present.

He disclosed that he hired the chopper for a full day at a cost of Shs18m as it would transport him to any place he wanted to travel provided there would be space where it would land and he indeed enjoyed the day.

Having experienced the comfort and luxury of a chopper, he got the urge to have one.

While speaking to the media, he disclosed that on his 40th birthday, he would gift himself a chopper and it is the present he longs for and desires to own.

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In his new chapter of life, Kojja Kimbowa is looking forward to saving lots of cash and working hard to purchase the chopper. He also disclosed how he is a father to 16 children whom he takes good care of and provides them with everything they desire.

March 2023, singer Swahaba Kasumba accused Kojja Kimbowa of gifting him a stolen car that caused him trouble and plunged him into debts that saw him checked into Police custody until he had to settle the disagreements with his own money.

Happy belated birthday Kojja Kimbowa!

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