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Lil Pazo’s phone stolen during performance at DJ Nimrod’s White Party


The weekend didn’t go too well for Lil Pazo after he left frustrated and angry after his phone, valued at UGX 5 million, was stolen.

This incident occurred during his performance at DJ Nimrod’s White Party at Climax Lounge in Makindye.

Lil Pazo, who has been riding high on the success of his latest hit “Enkudi,” was scheduled to perform at the event.

Details of how it was stolen are still unclear but in a video circulating on social media, Lil Pazo is seen demanding the return of his phone, stressing its value and the hard work he put into earning it.

For the past month, Lil Pazo has been one of the most trending artists in Uganda, thanks to the widespread popularity of “Enkudi.”

The song has pushed him to the forefront of the music scene, making him one of the most booked artists in the country.

Singer Lil Pazo frustrated after an unidentified person over the weekend made off with his phone valued at Ugx 5M.

This saddening incident happened at one of the events where he was scheduled to perform.

— Exclusive.Bizz (@Exclusive_Bizz) July 1, 2024

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