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Lilian Mbabazi and Cindy Sanyu voice concerns about their children in music industry, prefer gospel over secular


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Lilian Mbabazi and Cindy Sanyu, two of the Blu*3 singers, say they are hesitant about their children entering the current music industry.

The Blu*3 are currently gearing up for their Legends Of Sound Blu*3 Reunion concert, scheduled for June 22nd at the Kampala Sheraton Gardens.

When asked if they see their children following in their musical footsteps, Lilian Mbabazi shared that her daughter possesses an extraordinary voice.

However, she expressed strong reservations about her joining the current music scene.

Lilian mentioned she would only support her daughter’s involvement in gospel music, citing the deteriorating state of the secular music industry compared to their times.

My daughter has an amazing voice but I don’t want her to join this music industry. It’s very scary and crazier than our time.

Imagine her singing Enkudi or Hoozambe. If she wants to sing, I would encourage her to sing for Jesus.

Lilian Mbabazi

Cindy Sanyu shared similar views, also mentioning her concerns about the decline in music quality and the overall safety of the industry.

Like Mbabazi, she is inclined to encourage her daughter towards gospel music.

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