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Merry Hearts duo denies witchcraft allegations, credits success to hard work


Merry Hearts comedy outfit has poured cold water on allegations that suggest there is a high practice of witchcraft in the comedy industry.

Speaking in an interview on Spark TV’s 21 Questions, the duo also distanced themselves from witchcraft and explained that their rise to fame is typically based on the effort and time they invest in creating content.

The duo further stresses that most of their time is spent on scripting the jokes they pull off on stage so that they don’t perform skits that could leave some fans with a sour taste in their mouths.

Additionally, the pair noted that when a comedian’s influence declines in the comedy industry, they should not blame it on witchcraft but focus on working harder and improving on their craft.

We don’t bewitch anyone and there is no witchcraft practice in comedy. It is only the power of content creation. If you see someone declining from the top, falling to the bottom, some may think that he/she is being bewitched but the fact is that it is the power of content creation at play. As a comedian, you have to be very creative 24/7 and script everything that you plan to execute.

Merry Hearts

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Recently, the Merry Hearts comedy duo, suffered embarrassment when they reached out to outworn comedian MC Kabata with a surprise gift and he chased them away like chicken thieves.

Their next plan on the agenda is to pay comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi a visit in appreciation for paving the way in comedy

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