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Mudra finds qualities in Winnie wa Mummy beyond her appearance


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Mudra has revealed the qualities he noticed about his recruit Winnie wa Mummy and Nyash is not one of them.

TikToker-cum-singer Winnie wa Mummy is already making big strides on the music scene having been recruited into Mudra’s wings.

The two have just returned from Kenya where they had a music tour in promotion of their trending collaboration and worked on new projects.

While speaking to Sanyuka TV, Mudra asked the industry to welcome Winnie wa Mummy not as Ava Peace’s replacement but as an artist in her original image.

“She is not replacing anybody, she is coming onto the scene in her own picture,” Mudra said as he responded to a question regarding her being Ava’s replacement.

Mudra went on to reveal how he was drawn towards Winnie wa Mummy’s respectful morals and ability to dance and rather not her nyash as it has often been claimed.

I don’t see it (nyash) on her and by the way I am not really into nyash. I am a lover lover, I love from deep inside my heart and you could find me with someone and wonder what it is about them that attracted me and not find it. I liked Winnie because of her morals and her ability to dance.


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