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Munyagwa criticizes Ugandan musicians for lack of value, praises Cindy Sanyu’s maturity


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Former Kawempe North MP, Hon. Mubaraka Munyagwa slammed Ugandan musicians claiming that they hold no value at all.

Munyagwa made his submission as he weighed in on why it is easy to find local artists performing at both the opposition and ruling regime political events.

He asserted that many of them have not set standards for themselves thus the reason why it is so easy for them to double deal since they put themselves out there for hire to anyone who has money.

He tasked them to emulate the old generation of the likes of Philly Bongole Lutaaya, Paul Kafeero, and Sebaata among others as he stressed that they didn’t allow to be exploited as they knew their value and worth.

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Ugandan artists turned themselves useless. Just like soda, you find them at every event. Today one sings for the opposition and the following day, you spot them at Gen Saleh’s place in Gulu and the other time at a different event.

Once you place yourself in a situation of just being hired by anyone then you’re finished. Ugandan artists no longer hold any value. We no longer have the past class of artists like Philly Lutaaya, Basudde, Kafeero, and Ssebaata who were highly respected. It was hard to hire them to be double dealers.

Mubaraka Munyagwa

He applauded Cindy Sanyu and Navio plus a few others for not allowing to be exploited since they established their worth and increased their rate card.

Hon. Munyangwa disclosed that he had never attended any musician’s concert but promised to attend the Blu*3 Reunion concert that is slated for the 22nd of June at Kampala Sheraton Hotel because of how decent and mature Cindy Sanyu conducts herself.

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