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Munyonyo mansion of Sheebah valued at Shs800m, reveals Roden Y Kabako


Roden Y Kabako spoke about Sheebah’s Munyonyo mansion’s value saying it stands at a staggering Shs800m. Sheebah yesterday celebrated 5 years of living in her Munyonyo mansion and said her dream had turned into reality.

Roden Y Kabako humorously with a straight face, revealed that some materials from China, USA, and Italy were imported during the house construction.

Kabako and Sheebah’s bond goes beyond the music they have created together. Their friendship traces back to the Team No Sleep days, managed by Jeff Kiwa, where they supported each other’s music journeys.

This has since grown into a genuine friendship, where Kabako learned about all the details and specifics of the house.

I have been to her house uncountable times, and I know how good it looks. I’m hoping that I can also build a Shs800M house too some day, but until then, I’ll ask Sheebah for a day off with my wife at her house so we can have a moment in her jacuzzi.

Roden Y Kabako

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