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Music industry feuds hinder artist growth, says Carol Nantongo


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Carol Nantongo

Carol Nantongo expressed her frustration with the recurring feuds and conflicts that are in the music industry.

Believing that these disputes hinder artists’ growth and ruin collaboration, Nantongo advocates for unity and a more supportive environment within the industry.

She firmly believes that the beefs and conflicts within the music industry do not benefit artists in any way. Instead, they act as a setback, diverting attention from their craft and delaying their overall progress.

She says that these disputes create unnecessary distractions and hinder the collaboration that is crucial for the industry’s advancement.

According to her, the constant wrangling and fights within the music industry have a detrimental effect on artists’ growth. Instead of focusing on growing their skills and exploring new creative avenues, they become embroiled in personal conflicts that drain their energy and creativity.

She also hinted at her dream to sign some fresh talents under a record label once she got her bag together. She currently has a few artists she works with and also urged her fans and followers to support them, too.

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