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Naira Ali challenges Andrew Kyamagero’s views on men’s roles in the family


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Purple Chord Records singer Naira Ali took a jab toward media personality Andrew Kyamagero for expressing his opinion about how he cannot go to the kitchen to prepare himself a meal when his wife is just looking on.

Sharing his views during the Bump Love show, the NTV news anchor stated that when his wife refuses to prepare a meal for him, he just goes to bed and finds other options where to get food.

When Naira Ali watched Andrew Kyamagero’s submission, she took to her Facebook page and stung the news anchor saying he displayed his “closed-box thinking.”

I really feel sorry for men like these, what is even more saddening is how they openly vindicate their “closed-box thinking”. Just because some cultures accepted certain beliefs then it doesn’t make it right now.

Naira Ali

Kyamagero went ahead to note that as a man, his culture doesn’t allow him to be in the powerhouse preparing food for himself when the wife is just chilling and looking on.

He maintained that his role in a family is to strategize, think, plan, and provide for the family but not to involve himself in cooking and doing other chores.

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