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Patricia Nabakooza aims for journalism degree in the US and steps back from Ghetto Kids spotlight


Patricia Nabakooza has her eyes set to pursue Journalism Media and Mass Communication studies in the United States of America.

Patricia revealed that her semester starts in August so she will be traveling back to the US, 30 days before her semester starts.

She added that she intends to work anywhere across the globe because she has a big vision and wants to be a voice for so many people by reporting on overall news not just entertainment.

When asked why she is no longer at the forefront of the Ghetto Kids dancing group as she used to be, she argued that despite her talent and passion for dance, she decided to step back from the spotlight, allowing other children within the foundation to show their abilities and shine bright.

The foundation brings in new talent every day, so if I am always at the forefront, I deny those kids a chance to showcase their different talents and shine. I pulled back to give them an opportunity because it is their time to shine, too.

Patricia Nabakooza

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